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Posted by Keith Nicholson on Aug 22, 2018 12:41:03 PM

 WSET Spirits Classes with Statera

If you’re a lover of spirits and interested in learning more, there is very exciting news coming your way! It has been building for some time now but it’s safe to say the final pieces are coming together for WSET Level 3 Award in Spirits.

Over the past few years, WSET has been working on dividing its courses to offer a wider array of options and more in depth information. What was Levels 1-3 Award in Wine and Spirits, will soon be separated into WSET Levels 1-3 Award in Wine and WSET Levels 1-3 Awards in Spirits. That’s right, six steps up the ladder instead of three. (Yes, there is also Levels 1 & 3 Award in Sake, but that is another very exciting story for later). 

If anyone recalls taking their Award in Wine and Spirits, they would remember that in Level 2, for example, just one section out of eleven was dedicated to Spirits. With todays growth, excitement and expansion in the spirits world, there was a definite need to expand and devote more attention to this sector.

WSET Spirits classes are in full bloom! Level 2 Award in Spirits has just received its make over, and now WSET is in the final stages of launching Level 3!

WSET Level 3 Spirits - Pilot Edition

I have been invited to Boston this October to be part of the pilot program. I can’t wait to return and share all the details as we prepare to launch this in Vancouver in spring-ish 2019. Stay tuned for dates.

What excites me about these qualifications most is how they fit into the market. The spirits community has been rich with information and events for a long time fuelled by the power of the brands. Now there is going to be a WSET body of education dedicated specifically to spirits education. This type of education stands alone, builds from the foundations and allows you to follow that passion and dig deep. Love it all, no biases, find all the corners, and drink it up!!

In preparation for Level 3 in Spirits, Statera is offering WSET Level 2 starting Sept 17, 2018. Jump in and continue your journey in spirits education and be first in line for Level 3 next year!!

WSET Spirits Level 2 with Statera

Note: “Spring-ish” is all depending on WSET launch schedule.  Ever hopeful, and always supportive, Statera will get this program available in Vancouver as soon as we possibly can.

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